Fresh & Safe Eggs

Farm Safety & Biosecurity Control

Seng Choon operates in full compliance with the disease control measures established by the Singapore Food Agency.

We stay abreast of the latest farm management techniques to maintain an integrated bio-security approach to disease prevention, in which every aspect of the farm is taken care of.

Chick Care

The process starts with our day-old chicks, carefully sourced from Singapore Food Agency-accredited farms to ensure they’re free from diseases. To protect them, they are vaccinated against diseases according to international standards & guidelines for poultry vaccination.

Entry Point Control

Perimeter security is provided by a chain-linked wire fence that separates hens from other areas of operation. There is only 1 entry point to the coops with disinfection facilities, allowing workers, visitors & vehicles to be properly screened. Before entering, workers have to sanitise their boots in a disinfectant footbath.

Minimising Contact & Automation

We minimise human contact with our hens to prevent contamination & the spread of diseases. For the same reason, coops employ a closed-house system to prevent contamination by wild birds & rodents.

The poultry house environment is carefully regulated using automation technology. Coops are equipped with fully automated feeding, drinking, egg collection & manure removal systems, while feed is dispensed directly from the mill to distribution points inside.

Pest Control

We also implement a routine pest control programme to eliminate potential areas that would attract pests.

Regular Testing

Our regular testing program runs throughout the year to ensure the poultry environment, water, feed, chickens & eggs adhere to safety guidelines – as well as to screen for Salmonella, Bird Flu & other potential contaminants. This means you can be assured our eggs are safe & free from contaminants.

Superior Feed

The special diet we feed our hens yields eggs with excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins & minerals. Natural ingredients are used to achieve eggs with beneficial nutrients like lutein & Omega 3 EPA & DHA.

We use probiotics to keep our chickens healthy. So you can rest assured there are neither hormones nor antibiotics in our eggs.