Technology & Process Control

Automated Poultry Care

At our farm, we employ the latest technology to care for our chickens – as well as to uphold the safety, freshness & quality of our eggs.

  • Feed Production

    The fully automated & computerised feed-mill system ensures consistent production of more than 100 metric tonnes of a specially-formulated, balanced diet for our chickens daily

  • Coops

    The temperature & humidity in the chicken coops are carefully regulated by an automated cooling & ventilation system to keep our chickens comfortable. Coops are also equipped with fully automated feeding, drinking & egg collection; while an automated manure collection system removes waste promptly for recycling into fertiliser.

Automated Quality Control

  • Instant Egg Collection

    The very moment our eggs are laid, they are auto-collected onto a conveyor belt. They are then transferred to a central packing area where they are individually checked.

  • Auto-egg Inspection & Crack Detection

    The eggs reach a grading station where they are subjected to a few levels of automated inspection:

    1. They are put through spectrographic analysis which uses a special light to screen for dirt & internal abnormalities.
    2. Next, the eggs undergo a sound test developed with advanced technology to detect the slightest crack. Flawed eggs are removed.
    3. Finally, eggs are sanitised with ultraviolet light to reduce the chances of bacterial contamination.

  • Grading

    The eggs are then sorted & graded by weight before being branded with a code that will help you to trace their origin. All our eggs bear the Seng Choon mark — a proud testimony of the detailed care that has gone into bringing you delicious, quality eggs.

Processed Egg Products

Shell eggs are processed into pasteurised liquid egg or hard-boiled products for the food industry using automation technology to ensure consistent product quality & safety.

Speedy Delivery

Freshly laid, packed & sent to our retailers & customers by our own delivery team, our eggs make it to supermarket shelves in Singapore all within a day.